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  • A-Z About Me

    Posted by Tamaneko.
    Why yes, you are curious about an internet stranger
    Found this cute little A-Z post on Medium, so here I am with my version!
  • Health Violations in Waterloo Restaurants

    Posted by Tamaneko.
    From Kitchener CTV News, 6 Waterloo region restaurants were closed in 2015 due to health violations. While they don't go into detail regarding the names of the restaurants, two Chinese restaurants were mentioned - The China Bowl (which has now re-located to the King Tin location near King/University) and Easy Earthen (hey, that sounds familiar...).
  • Sound the Trumpets!

    Posted by Tamaneko.
    Now I can't un-hear the trumpet sounds from old games...
    A popular meme revolving around the Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire games is "Hoenn confirmed", where fans would attempt to make even the slightest suggestion of anything related to Hoenn in the Generation V games. What accompanied the massive influx of images consisted of hype trains and 'sounding the trumpets'.
  • Ranking the Bubble Tea Shops in Pacific Mall

    Posted by Tamaneko.
    Deliciously chewy bubbles
    One of the most well-known Asian malls in the Greater Toronto Area, Pacific Mall is home to Asian fashion, food and technology. As a frequent visitor to the mall, you begin to notice that a few shops have the same name and sell nearly the exact same clothes. If you decide to purchase from one shop and they don't have it in stock, they'd run out to the other ones to grab the item. Almost all the phone shops on the side aisle are run by the same people - yet every one of them appear to be bustling with business. The same goes with bubble tea shops.
  • Easy Earthen Restaurant (Kitchener)

    Posted by Tamaneko.
    The most delicious deep fried mantou I've ever eaten.
    A small restaurant located near the Chinese Supermarket in downtown Kitchener, this place is truly a hidden gem based on its outer appearance. A warning - the waiters generally only speak Mandarin, but can understand Cantonese and hand pointing at the menu. Speaking of the menu, you get a double-sided sheet of paper listing every menu item in Simplified Chinese and English, along with the price, as well as a booklet...