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Sound the Trumpets!

Now I can't un-hear the trumpet sounds from old games...

A popular meme revolving around the Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire games is "Hoenn confirmed", where fans would attempt to make even the slightest suggestion of anything related to Hoenn in the Generation V games. What accompanied the massive influx of images consisted of hype trains and 'sounding the trumpets'.

Basically, a large number of the music score for the Hoenn games involved brass instruments and trumpet sounds.

Of course there are many arguments saying how it's not "trumpets", but actually other members of the brass family.

Hoenn music has a special place in my heart. While Gen 1 introduced me to the Pokemon series, I spent all of my middle/high school playing Pokemon Sapphire, as I didn't get a DS/3DS until university. At first I didn't notice the 'trumpets' until I frequently saw them when the Hoenn remakes were announced (yes, I bought Alpha Sapphire and it brought me to tears the first time I booted it up on my 3ds - which coincidentally is in the same sapphire blue color as the original cartridge).

I then began to notice these 'trumpet' sounds in other old-time game song favorites:

I honestly like the punch it gives to the base line, and it's great to imitate with your own voice.

With that, I'd like to end with one of my favorite remixes of a Kirby song:

Written on 24th Sep, 2015