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  • Health Violations in Waterloo Restaurants

    Posted by Tamaneko.
    From Kitchener CTV News, 6 Waterloo region restaurants were closed in 2015 due to health violations. While they don't go into detail regarding the names of the restaurants, two Chinese restaurants were mentioned - The China Bowl (which has now re-located to the King Tin location near King/University) and Easy Earthen (hey, that sounds familiar...).
  • Easy Earthen Restaurant (Kitchener)

    Posted by Tamaneko.
    The most delicious deep fried mantou I've ever eaten.
    A small restaurant located near the Chinese Supermarket in downtown Kitchener, this place is truly a hidden gem based on its outer appearance. A warning - the waiters generally only speak Mandarin, but can understand Cantonese and hand pointing at the menu. Speaking of the menu, you get a double-sided sheet of paper listing every menu item in Simplified Chinese and English, along with the price, as well as a booklet...