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Health Violations in Waterloo Restaurants

From Kitchener CTV News, 6 Waterloo region restaurants were closed in 2015 due to health violations. While they don't go into detail regarding the names of the restaurants, two Chinese restaurants were mentioned - The China Bowl (which has now re-located to the King Tin location near King/University) and Easy Earthen (hey, that sounds familiar...).

Indeed it is the same restaurant that I had previously reviewed about. I can't deny that knowing that they were fined for health infractions affected my overall impression of the restaurant. To the customer the front appearance of the interior looks well-kept, but who knows what happens behind those kitchen doors?

I'm actually baffled by the words of the manager during the interview: "When an inspector comes to the restaurant, especially in rush hour, we cannot make it perfect at that time". I'm sorry, but if a high class restaurant fails to meet health standards during rush hour, their reputation would plummet. While I understand it would be harder to make things "perfect", slightly less-than-perfect would hardly counts as a reason to let infractions to take place.

I've worked at a mom and pop shop before as the sole worker assisting them during the busiest seasons. I never once relaxed my standards of serving the customer just because it was rush hour. I may be tired and exhausted, but to the customer that's no excuse to not treat them just as well as someone who comes by during the other times of the day. It hurts to hear that if there are no inspectors coming by their service would be less than optimal to customers.

Written on 30th Sep, 2015